Sawan Weds Nikita


A remarkable reality which turned two years of planning into two hours.


After the recent announcement from the Prime minister, events have been cancelled within a very short time frame. A truly lovely couple had their wedding scheduled at the end of November. The wedding seemed as it was not going to go ahead. However, with a last minute miracle, a wedding slot became available when the bride and groom received a phone call from the civil registry.

After two years of very careful and considerate planning and the recent changes, we were presented with functions to plan with less than 24 hours to do so. The wedding package involved photography and the cinematography experience.

We knew this would be tough but we will never back down from a challenge.
Collectively we put our heads down, worked together and planned through the detail which was important to the couple. What a truly amazing result and a fantastic wedding day.

We will never stop to do our best to achieve the wedding you have always dreamed about. We thrive under pressure to make dreams come true.

Thank you, Sawan and Nikita for your kind words.

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