people at our core.

Unity Group started with two brothers; it was innately clear that they wanted to create some impact. At a very early age, they faced many challenges; however, their drive kept moving them forward. With people at the heart of their endeavours, Unity Group was formed. Today they instill their values within the brand and continue to spread their inner belief of a limitless world.

We’re on a mission.

The freedom to create unapologetic memories, anywhere, with the people that matter.

Extended Families
The Difference

Our first experience determines what meaning we associate with it, so make it worthwhile.

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What makes us, us.

We believe, empower and live by making the best of every moment.

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Pav Singh

Director, Producer, Professional DJ

Life is too short to take things too seriously. We need to take a moment and acknowledge the most valuable possessions are the people around us.

Harraj Singh

Creative Director, Digital Storyteller

We see a world of endless possibilities, it’s within us. Every moment is an opportunity waiting to happen. We embrace it!