Same-day edits

Spark an emotion.
Ignite a reaction.

Same-day edits (SDE for short) are packed mini-documentary videos that are trending today amongst many couples. They are an accumulation of all the great moments and intimate settings that make up the day to be presented to your guests. Typically from preparations, pre-ceremony and post-ceremony, but not limited to. You can be as quirky or creative as you please. If you want to show that "OMG" or "WOW" or even "AWW" moment, same-day edits are definitely a great way to unfold your day.

Life is a collection of moments.

Unity Group

Walk-in Trailer

We are born to tell stories.

Walk-in trailers are the byproduct of same-day edits with careful planning and preparation. We continually anticipate ahead of our couples to make sure we have a story that guests can connect with. As the name suggests, the walk-in trailer is used to entertain your guests in a short, fun narrative from the perspective of the couple. The sky's the limit in regards to being as creative as possible. We've got quite a few ideas, and we'd love to share some with you. If you're thinking of a walk-in trailer, we're totally on board.

Highlight Video

A cinematic snapshot.

Your highlight video will showcase the very best parts of your event, usually between 2-5 minutes run-time. These videos are great for sharing online and with your friends and family, far and wide. Highlight videos typically encapsulate the love, the passion, the reactions, the oldies, the goldies, the crazy moments, the dance-off, the laughter, the cries, the emotions; all crafted together with just the right music to invigorate the senses. The post-production is what we really enjoy as it brings so much joy seeing our couples reminisce on priceless memories.

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