DJ Services

Nothing gets people

going like music, make

it part of your experience.

Music reaches our hearts, it makes us laugh, brings out the weird and wonderful, changes our mood and creates memories that just aren’t possible without. The influence of sound acts as a stimulus which influences our minds to make an enjoyable reward.

Our team has many skills, so we’re able to offer a wide array of services. Our DJ services are unique, personal, energetic, engaging and bring an invigorating experience that brings people together.

Some great reasons to intensify your event experience:

  • Assurance that we are dependable and bring a sense of professionalism and etiquette
  • An essential skill to read the room and keep your guests on the dance floor is a must
  • Peace of mind for all our couples
  • Professional equipment to create stunning themes and visual stimulation
  • A friendly and vibrant team looking to create a great experience, it’s about you and your guests

Professional DJ

Professional DJ’s for any sized event, creating memorable experiences.


Bringing your ideas and themes to life using our 3D visualisation tools for a precise representation of your world.

Dance Floor

We hold a variety of glossy dance floors available for any type of event, ready to add custom vinyl to truly make it yours.


We hold an array of music, perhaps you want a custom mix? Check out some of our current mixes.

Dhol Players

It’s time to make

some noise.

Our experienced team of dhol players can bring both excitement and energy. Whether it’s the bride or groom making their grand arrival or kick-starting the reception, we are here to make it happen!

Our dhol players will get your feet moving and hands up in the air, so get ready to pat the dog and screw the lightbulb. Whatever your age, you are always young at heart!

Make some noise
Fully customisable bar, get in touch for more info.
Avaliable bartenders, fully staffed. Why not have a Mixologist to serve up some amazing cocktails?
Various drinks options available. Enquiry for confirmation.
Fully customisable projectors to create unique theme settings.
Let the bar compliment your theme, not just be an extra.
Beers also available on tap. The possibilities are endless!
Mobile Bar Hire

Amplify the fun.

A mobile bar will not only serve you with control over the full experience of the evening, but you can have real fun with creating something that will engage the audience.

Perhaps you’ll have a mixologist that teaches your guests on making incredible cocktails, or you’ll have a speciality drink made in honour of the bride and groom. Are you a natural party host?

Your mobile bar will be create an all-inclusive experience to get an intimate setting. The bar has an easy set-up and great customisation options.

Explore Mobile Bar Options

Gear that creates moments worth sharing.


Indoor fireworks that are simply beautiful for your first dance. Positioned across the dance floor to create a stunning show.

Dry Ice

Upgrade your night with a Dry Ice machine and create the feeling of dancing on the clouds — a popular choice amongst our couples.

Projection Mapping

Transform your wedding into a spectacular show of visual imagery to suit your theme. Be the hot topic amongst your family and friends.


If it’s capturing a fantastic shot of the day, look no further than one of our high tech drones.

Rickshaw Hire

What better way to make your guests feel more connected than to have your very own Tuk Tuk. Arrive in style in a traditional form of transport.


We are looking to expand our services so our couples can creatively express themselves with the latest technology.

Available on SoundCloud.

Enough about us, what have you got planned?