Create an intentional experience, let's not leave it to chance.

Greatness comes from actively doing, not by leaving it to chance. Being intentional about your experience allows you to create your wedding just the way you intend it to be, but also enables others to have a glimpse into your world.
It's a place to showcase who you are, a place to recreate memories, a place to kindle cultures, a place to share stories, a moment in time that is captured and cherished. We know you're going to bring some fantastic ideas and we want to share some of ours too.

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Some of the best

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Our Expertise


Multi-disciplined photography that needs no description.


Storytellers that are creating emotion from motion.


Entertainment that invigorates the core with a vibe like no other.

Our top 5 FAQ's.

We’re available to address any further queries you may have, just get in touch.

I have a question!

How will the Unity Group team be dressed for our event?

We are consistently smartly dressed to ensure we represent you and your guests in the best manner.

How long until we receive our final product?

All couples have different challenges to create a genuinely great day, though with our experience and practice, we minimise them before the event. A smooth transition means we’re likely to complete a project within 3-4 months, if not earlier.

Can we play our playlist?

Oh absolutely. We’re people-driven which means we aim to get to know our couples so we can fine-tune a package that suits who you are. We also offer the option to mix your favourite songs together — a unique mix just for your day.

How many images do we receive?

We focus on quality rather than quantity. All images we provide are edited, it depends on the number of events and duration – get in touch so we can better gauge what you require.

Can we have a custom DJ set up?

Of course you can. We also provide a visualisation process that allows us full control over the theme and presentation of your day. We’re happy to show you, just give us a call.

Plan with certainty,

let’s go through this.

We want all our couples to have absolute certainty when choosing a supplier. We’re open to having a conversation, even if it means you’re not looking to book right away. It’s super simple, just book in a time slot below. Speak to you soon.